February 2021


Sometimes a small word becomes the reason for your happiness. And one such is “Holiday”. At different ages, our holidays have various definitions. When we were kids, we had many sports to play, kid movies to enjoy, storybooks to read. But as we get older, this definition grows with us. Thoughts change completely. At teenage, I used to use my holidays to party all day with my friends. And at this age, when I hear the word holiday, the first thing I think is that I would definitely be going to go somewhere. Visiting new places always at every age gives tremendous joy. So get out of the monotonous daily life and go to a new place to live to feel that environment.

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Goa Is My Holiday Destination

If somebody asks me about that one destination, where I would like to be again and again. Then for India, I have only one name, Goa. Despite being the smallest state of India, Goa has tremendous beauty. This attracts people from all over the world. Holidays for me mean relaxation and fun. And no need to say that Goa is the perfect combination of both. The name makes me very happy, excited, and energetic. Portuguese influence has also made Goa care traditions. Besides the beaches, there is a distinct sense of courtesy between the people and the houses in the streets. This always draws Goa closer to heart. Your vacation can never be better without food and drink. Goa has always been famous for its seafood, cheap booze, and continental food with good music. Goa air has a positive energy that refreshes me from within all the time.

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Go Goa…

Goa has long been a siren call for travellers. India’s top holidays draw harnessed, packaged and sold to the 7 million tourists that visit here for one purpose to enjoy the fullest: to eat, drink and get the party. There is no off-season. Even in the rainy season, tourists like to go to Goa. And the beauty of Goa enhances more during the monsoon. Not only that, during monsoon, Goa tourism becomes much more budget-friendly.
Apart from Goa beaches and side seeing, the most exciting part is cafe culture. There are so many good cafes all over Goa. It depends on the situation near the sea or nature. But whichever you chose, all are perfect for taking care of your mood at any time.
Goa does not have an Ola Uber taxi service like other cities in India. But you can get scooters and bikes for the whole day. I think the bike is perfect for going around the local area in Goa. It is that destination in India where no one will ever talk about your outfit. So go Goa as you like.

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24hrs Excitement In Goa

There is always a different excitement of holidaying in Goa. In a short time, Goa attracted everyone to itself. I liked the different types of cafeterias in Goa. You don’t know how your time will go out sitting on the beach shacks and watching the sea with your favourite booze. Goa is a perfect experience to see the sunrise from anywhere. Honesty when I was in Goa, I used to get up every morning and get excited about what to wear for the day, as I know I have a very excited one ahead.

So plan your trip, go get lost in life. Goa is calling 24/7.

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Pandi curry is a traditionally famous Coorg dish all over India. This is a 500-year-old Indian traditional dish. This food has been around since the beginning of the Kodava culture. Preparation of this food has been going on since that time. Pandi curry, a spicy semi-dark pork dish. And it’s a perfect combination of pork and local spices and vinegar. This dish is found in many places in India. But if anyone wants to test the authentic Pandi curry then definitely he/she will have to go to Coorg.

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Kachampuli -The Main Ingredient In Pandi Curry

Coorg or Kodava people have some unique dishes, which have evolved. One of the most famous dishes is Pandi curry. This unique dish is not found anywhere else. Because it has a few special ingredients. The most important ingredient is kachampuli. It’s Fruit vinegar. In India Kachampuli grown only in regions around Karnataka. It has grown in Indonesia, thousands of years ago. It is used both as a souring and preserving the food. The liquid that is formed after the fermentation of this fruit is used in this pork curry. This liquid is very typical. With the seeping of the liquid, the fruit loses its bitterness. This bitterness gives this dish its correct taste. Vinegar used in Indian cuisine for over 2500 years. It is first mentioned in Buddhist literature.

Kachampuli (Google Image)

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About Pandi Curry

Pork is a common dish in Coorg and any celebration not complete without it. Reference to pork eating in South India is found in the 2400-year-old Sangam literature. Historically, the curry made using pork is said that to be 500 years old. When Kodava culture was prospering in Croog. The animal known as the wild boar is not found easily. So the local people of Croog would go into the forest to hunt them. But in Coorg, it becomes a delicacy for now. The style of preparing this pork was perfected slowly over time. Thus the pandi Curry dish was developed over the centuries. Nowadays, Pandi curry is quite renowned amongst the people. This curry is always served in a classic combination. Pandi curry is served with Kurumbattus. These are steamed rice balls. These are amazing combinations that cannot be broken. These combinations have been created over time.

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My Coorg Food Platter

My Story About The Traditional Dish

I waited about three and a half years for the 500-year-old traditional and original pandi curry.I first tried this dish in Mumbai but I didn’t understand what the test and smelled like. I have received so many good reviews about the dish that my demand for the food keeps increasing. But I had to wait to get the original pork dish I try to make this pork curry by watching Youtube videos but it never worked. Because I don’t have the real ingredients. When I finally reached Coorg about three and a half years later. I can feel the test of the original traditional Pandi curry. And believe me, I can’t express my feelings about the dish. it is really delicious.

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