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Laos Villages Made Out Of Bombs. It is known as Bomb Village. Ban Napia is on the travel list of many tourists visiting Laos. Many signs of the horrors of war can still be seen in the village. When you go to the crop field, you can see that the whole field up to the horizon is full of holes. These holes were caused by the explosion of bombs dropped from the aircraft. Across the green grass-covered field are rows of hills, with some huts in the vicinity. In front of every house there are small plants planted in tubs. The small tub trees look more green than usual in the sun that melts through the gaps in the mountains. In the middle of this beautiful natural scene, you have to stumble suddenly if you look closely at the ‘tub’. Because it’s not a tub, it’s a bomb! Which is now made of patch tub.

This strange scene is seen in Laos, a Southeast Asian country, as a result of the US ‘secret war’, for which the unfortunate Laotians are still suffering forty years later. The residents of this village in Laos have a daily relationship with bombs like five other things. Forty years after the end of the war, they still have to take every step on the ground with the risk of a bomb blast.

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Villages In Laos Destroy By Bomb

Laos is still the world’s most bombed country. The reason for saying secret war is that no one in the world, including America at that time, knew about the war situation in Laos. Everyone just knew that the war was going on in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, communist guerrillas were supplied with military supplies through the Ho Chi Minh Trail inside Laos. The United States launched a massive bombardment of Laos to cut off supplies, more than the total number used in World War II. During the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1963, US forces dropped a total of 580,000 tons of bombs on Laos. Mathematically, on average, bombs were dropped from the plane every 8 minutes in 24 hours, and this went on for 9 consecutive years.

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The Helpless Villager

Basically, these unexploded ordnance has multiplied the suffering of Laos. Farmers find abandoned bombs under the ground while cultivating land, children pick up bombs while playing in the forest, bombs are found under water while working in ponds. In most cases, these abandoned bombs explode, killing and maiming, most of the victims being children. As of 2012, about 29,000 people were the victims of such accidents. After the end of the war in 1975, the Laotian government began clearing all landmines, bombs, etc. Such work requires highly trained personnel, advanced technology and adequate budgets, none of which the Laos government has. Since then, landmines have been released in small capacity, which is still going on today. In an interview with ABC News in 2016, the Laotian foreign minister said that the technical capabilities of Laos would take almost a century to remove.

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Life Goes On in Laos

But life does not stop, the farmer has to hit the land with a spade, the children will also go to play in the field. People have adapted quite nicely to these bombs. The boundary of the house is being fenced with bomb shells. Sometimes a bombshell is cut into two pieces and made into a flower tub. Cluster bomb shells are being used in restaurants or cafes as ashtrays, and large bomb shells are being used as stoves. You can see in the river that the boat has been made with the fuel tank (drop tank) of the fighter jet. There is no chance of avoiding bombs in the daily life of the people of these places, it occupies the whole heart of the people.

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The Bomb Village

Inside the whole of Laos, a village called ‘Ban Napia’ in Jiangsu Province, known as ‘The Bomb Village’, has been using the abandoned bombs in various ways in its daily activities.First the bomb fuse is carefully defused, then the explosives inside are removed and emptied. The rest of the shell will then turn into a bucket or fence pole depending on its shape. In addition, the shells of these bombs are a major source of local demand for metals. These are melted down to meet the demand for metal for various purposes. Apart from government initiatives, the common man is also coming forward with his own initiative with the help of NGOs to detonate bombs in voluntary shelters. However, the reason why the village of ‘Ban Napia’ has received so much response from various quarters is that,The villagers are melting scrap bombs and making various souvenirs for tourists. These include spoons, key rings, bottle caps, bracelets, etc. Bombay Village Ban Napia is on the travel list of many tourists visiting Laos. Many signs of the horrors of war can still be seen in the village. When you go to the crop field, you can see that the whole field up to the horizon is full of holes. These holes were caused by the explosion of bombs dropped from the aircraft.

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Goa is India’s smallest state but also India’s most famous tourist destination. If you are looking for a holiday destination for perfect relaxation, Goa is the perfect detour. It’s a place where you can keep yourself lazy or busy all day long. A place in India that has deep Portuguese influence along with the mixed culture. The welcoming and peace-loving citizen makes you feel as if you belong there. Nature calms you, surprises you in its mysterious way. That’s why Goa can happen many times in one lifetime. No rule is the only rule here to follow.

Goa Is Comfortable Therapy

I have been addicted to travel since childhood. I feel it is my birthright to see every corner of my birthplace. So once born in the world, you should see and explore as much as you can. But even if I wanted to, I didn’t have that much money. So I roam around as many places as I can with my little savings. I believe one day I will cover the world like this. Goa is in my mind since childhood, but I have never been able to accumulate that much money for the trip until now. In my childhood, for Goa, I ran from home but reached Digha. I have mentioned that story in another blog. I feel excited and nostalgic when finally my Goa plan was on. This is the first time I’ve been nostalgic for a place I haven’t traveled to.

Goa gives beautiful peace and comfort to the soul and mind. End of every trip you can feel that once is never enough for this place. And it is unjust if you don’t return. I have listed down few things which I liked about the place and I am sure you would love it too.

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Wherever we go, the first thing that gives energy and comfort is food. And Goa is a continental’s paradise. You can explore a variety range of continental dishes and endless beverages. Every dishes satisfy the inner soul. You never have to repeat the menu for a 7 days trip. Eat, relax and explore that’s what Goa is meant for.

Every nook and corner has night food stalls. These are open till midnight, and the food tastes amazing. We can get fries, a variety of range of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas. These stalls are cheap in price and great in quality.

Cafes and Beach Shacks

If food is necessary, so the places where you going to intake them. Goa offers a vast range of cafes and beach shacks. The café and shack culture are not only popular here, but they are Goa’s backbone.

Every café is distinctively different from others. People use their creativity, time, and efforts to create their cafes to look effortlessly beautiful and distinguish. Being it small or big place, seafront or nature front it would soothe your eyes first and then mind. A soothing mind and eyes then can take a dip in their menu and find the perfect blend for the taste burds. Music plays an important part in their food. These cafes play soothing Indian classical or Bebop, Hard Bop, Cool Jazz, or country music. Once you sit there and order the food I bet you just can finish and go. The entire day can be spent without any hurry in life.

Beach shacks are the most addictive seductive. Cheap booze, seafood, the sight of the sea and sunsets, what else people need in life. It injects a big dose of relaxation in your nerve that works for 2/3 months. And then when life kicks hard again you can get these dozes as many times as you can :-).

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Sit beside the sea and watch the sunset. I bet nothing can beat this experience in the world. It does not matter how many times you see it, but it awestruck you every time like the first experience. Goa’s water body looks so pure and soothing that it double up each experience. Besides the sea, the architecture impresses you too. The houses are so beautifully made that I bet that you decide to buy a home before reality struck. Nature is so pure that soothes the eyes like never before. Goa is crowded and on the contrary, it is the most secluded place you have ever find. Goa is peaceful until you step into the bars to party. Goa is relaxing unless you run to explore everything. Besides sitting in front of the sea, you can explore a variety of water sports like:

  • Aqua jogging.
  • Diving.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Swimming.
  • synchronized.
  • Water aerobics.
  • Jetskiing
  • Paragliding
  • Paracycling


You need to carry your driving license and that’s it. At a cheap price, for the whole day, you can get scooters and bikes. The best thing about roaming around is driving your own wheels. You can get to hire cabs too.


I think I can call Goa shoppers paradise too. Night markets, flea markets, day markets provide you with a great range of stylish, comfort, affordable clothes and accessories.

Safety is the Happiness

Do you know what is the happiest thing? It’s when you see your country girls roaming around freely. They can wear whatever they want, can behave without any judgements. In most of the places in my country, it is an obscenity. Goa tells you every day that, the length of your clothes will never make me judge you.

We make fun out of it, create jokes about what girls in Goa do. I think that’s how it should be. Why live life on your terms for a few days, when the entire life is yours. Not only that, people don’t get robbed or beaten at late nights. Exceptions are there but they do not create the entire picture.

So once being in Goa is your right, and being there multiple times is your necessity. Just wish happy Goa to yourself.