January 2022


My Travel Cool Photos mean capturing my moments. Photo images are incredibly important because they not only allow us to capture specific moments over time. Cool photos are for future generations and enable us to recreate wonderful memories or experiences over and over again. I have captured many such moments in my travel experiences. Through these cool photos, I still do time travel to all my old travel places.

50 Rupees Selfie

50 Rupees Selfie
50 Rupees Selfie

I met him near Changu lake Sikkim along with his yak. This little yak master has two giant yaks. The kid had something very attractive, called attitude. “Can I click a picture?” I waited for his consent, but he did not say no nor said yes but kept looking at me. I slowly took out my camera and clicked two pictures. He looked at the camera without shifting his gaze or position. “Do you want a ride? 100 bucks for 10 minutes”. he said. I said, “I don’t ride animals.” But before I could complete my sentences, he uttered, “50 rupees then for clicking pictures”. This photo is one of my favorite photos from the Cool Photos collection.

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Happy Holiday

The Holiday
The Holiday

Sometimes a small word becomes the reason for your happiness. And one such is “Holiday”. And if that holiday destination is Goa, then the happiness increases a lot more. This picture was taken on a day when I had the happiest and most exciting day on my birthday. This happiness I still remember.

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Today Is My Day


I believe and I feel sometimes a day is designed just for me. This picture is very close to my heart. This one day I just did nothing. On this day in Himachal Pradesh, I canceled all my plans of going out. I sat on the roof of my hostel with Bagiraa ( the hostel dog). The joy of doing nothing, makes me think again and again when I see this picture. I miss that day.

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Take A Selfie

selfi with Naga people
Take A Selfie

Nagaland people are very photogenic. As I was walking around the Hornbill Festival in 2018, suddenly some Naga people came to me and said let’s take a selfie. And this is the selfie. Also many more cool photos I have with them. After clicking, I transferred this picture to everyone through WhatsApp while enjoying drinking naga bamboo tea with them. This photograph really touched my heart.

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Cheers to life
Cheers To Life

Drink heavily with locals whenever possible” This caption is perfect for this picture. This photo was taken during the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland. Suddenly connecting with new people and becoming friends with them. That day is still very special to me. And this picture still doesn’t let me miss my excitement of that day.

Hello Human

Hello Human
Hello Human

In Hampi, we met a cute monkey. He very quietly came and sat on my neck, took pictures, and left. Honestly, This is the story of these cool photos.

The Poser

The  Dog Poser
The Poser

On the way to Sikkim Nathula Pass, our car stopped for a tea break. My friend clicked some pictures of me at that time. Suddenly the dog came in front of the camera and sat on my lap. And in that picture, that moment has been captured. I just love the picture.

The Goddess

The Goddess
The Goddess

In the Sonajhuri forest( Shantiniketan) I met the little goddess. She is an artist. She roam around in God’s outfit, and makeup and blessed everyone. I requested her to stay with me for the rest of the day. It is hard to find God and when the almighty is seen then who wants to leave her. By the way, her name is Pinky.

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Art Of Joy

Art Of Joy Kolkata Wall

Sometimes your locality restores surprises for you. You just need an open eye and mind to see those. This wall graffiti near my home (Kolkata) surprised me with joy. Sitting on a cycle and playing with an art dog makes me feel silly. This photo always reminds me to keep alive my inner child.

I have many such cool photos with short stories. In my next blog, I would post some more for you guys.

Please let me know in the comment box which one you like most.

About Me

Yes, I know Travel is an amazing thing. Now is the time to stay at home and explore the world within your own thoughts. Traveling is now a little restricted for all because of the pandemic situation. Yet many travelers are traveling to different places. And I’m sure those traveling now, are following all the safety rules for their trip to keep them and others safe. Most people like to travel but do not want to, during this epidemic time. But they are using their travel-hungry minds for travel in various ways while staying in the house. Traveling is vast like an ocean. There are different ways we can gain knowledge from travel.

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1: Read All About Travel

Reading books or travel magazines are perfect to learn more about traveling from home. Many travelers around the world have their own personal blogs, and by reading them you can learn a lot of amazing things about your next trip, from their experiences. So through Google and YouTube videos, you can take a tour of your favorite destination or location. When your mind is open then you can go anywhere you like. Connect with relatives and friends and take a download of their stories. There are many ways, but I have noted very few here. Find your way of travel.

2: WatchTravel Documentary

Best Travel Documentries

Documentaries have the power to educate. The documentary film is an in-depth and informative resource that makes our travels much more knowledgeable. There are many good travel-related documentaries around the world. Which is very helpful to know about world travel. It is easily available on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, or different OTT platforms. I will share some amazing documentary names –

Encounters at the end of the world, Mountain, Woodstock, Tawai A voice from the forest, Children of the snow land.

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3: WatchTravel Video

Nowadays travel vlogging is a very trendy thing. The complete travel story of any traveler is recorded in their vlogging. Vlogging has become a big trend followed by many travelers who go to new places, explore the subtleties of the destination and offer tips and tricks to help fellow travelers.

4: Discover Hidden Places

Indian Ancient City
Indian ancient city

Discovering is always knowledgeable things. When we are on the road, we like to see the main attractions of that place. Places are hidden because of a lack of awareness (you don’t know they’re there) or access. Every place has some hidden places except the main places or attractions. It could be a new place, a new village, a new restaurant where normal people are rarely gone. Discover such hidden places before heading to the next destination.

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5: Learn First Aid

It’s good to be prepared for an emergency or minor injury. If you suddenly need medical attention But if there is no hospital or doctor available in the area then we have to take care of our own injuries with basic first aid. There are many first aid courses online that we can take in our free time from home.

6: Have A Workout/ Yoga

Google Image

Workouts and yoga are important not only for traveling but this is very important for our healthy living. So we always need to know some freehand workout or yoga that even if we can your trip, we can take our time and do it for our healthy lifestyle.

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7: Find Your Amazing Travel Music

Without music is a bit of a hassle for me when traveling. The music of your phone or iPad gives you the best company on any long journey. While at home you collect your best amazing travel music which will become your next best travel companion.

8: Learn A Language

Learning a new language is a great idea. The language there is different when we want to go somewhere outside our country. So if we can learn the basics of the language of that country in advance, So traveling there becomes a bit easier for us. Google Translator can help us learn the language in this case.

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9: Find Your Best Travel Gear

Google Image

We can’t say travel gear is just packing clothes and luggage. Different travel gear is needed in different places. Gear like shoes, accessories, anything, and everything that might be necessary for traveling and staying at a place. For example, travel insurance, electronics gear, photography gear, hygiene essentials, explorations, safety essentials, etc which help make a trip perfect.

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10: Writing Your Travelogue

Write your own travel experience as an article or blog. Writing a travelogue is to take the reader to a new place. When done well, it can even inspire others to explore, experience new things, and gain an appreciation for different cultures. So start your amazing travel experience through your writing.

About Me

The long-distance train journey is like a movie to me. Lots of people, lots of characters, lots of places, lots of small incidents & crazy sounds in a journey make a train journey very memorable. Once upon a time, people used to travel the country on foot or in bullock carts. At that time travel meant a pilgrimage or to a relative’s house. With the invention of the train, travel gets its speed and people get their frequency. The train is an affordable medium for people to travel all around. The biggest advantage of a train journey is the space which gives added comfort to the journey. As the train crosses different stations, and different places travelers get to experience different cultures.

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Window Seat

Google Image

Train windows are pieces of the open world. If you want to go far away by train, the train window is the only big thing to pass the time. Through that window, every moment the scene in front of your eyes is changing. The best thing is that you get to see different people and their mundane life. To me, this window of the train is an open book. Every moment we have to learn something new as the train leaves the city, village, river, and moves towards its destination.

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People Of The Train

This is the most interesting part of a train journey to see different kinds of people. The different attitudes and actions of different people are very much seen in the train journey. Sometimes when family members travel together, they make the train cube their own home. Then you find one person for sure who roam around and see others for their entertainment. It’s their favorite time pass. Different vendors from different stations get on the train from time to time and each has a different style of selling their items. The interesting thing for me is the tea sellers of different stations. Their call, pronunciation change at different stations.

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Without Ticket

train Journey

Gone – without a ticket. You can’t dare to go without a ticket. However, one of my friend’s fathers used to work for railways. He used to get passes for his two sons. I used to use one of those passes while traveling. There was always a throbbing feeling in my chest. And I used to fear if get to inquire about my father’s name. Their surname is Goswami, mine Ghosh. People may lie about their own name, but there is a dilemma in their mind to lie about their father’s name. Of course, I never caught traveling like that. But once or twice my friends were caught by the ticket checker. They used to make them wait on the platform for long hours. Lastly, make them pay a sum of 100\200 Rs. I don’t know what is the punishment now, or how much the bribe rate has gone up.

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My Story

My Tran jorney

There was an intense desire to travel at an early age. I wish I could get out of the house and go somewhere but I didn’t have money then. Going abroad was unimaginable. I used to go around with twenty rupees and twenty-five rupees. Because of my friend and the train pass I got an added wing to my desire.

The advantage of that pass was that the cost of the ticket got saved, and as far as the pass was concerned, one can get off at any station beforehand. I used to drop off my luggage at a station and deposit it in the locker. Then I used to wander around freely, and come to the station at night and sleep in waiting rooms. The hotel cost used to be saved. That’s how I used to roam when I was in college.

But now when I think about it, it seems much better than today’s planned and luxurious travel. Then maybe there was trouble and a friend who would get on the train and say, I forgot to bring my wallet. Everything was done on purpose to save the little pocket money. As a result, two people had to travel on one person’s money. And in the end, it was cool.

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About Me