6 Forbidden Places You Are Not Welcome

There are many forbidden places in the world for ordinary people or tourists. Our planet holds so many wonders, secrets and treasures waiting to be explored. However, some places are just too dangerous, too protected or wild or maybe even too special to visit. I want to see as much I can in this birth, but even if I want to, many times there is no way. Those places remain unexplored and mysterious to the world. I am mentioning some such forbidden places in the world here. But entry strictly prohibited for visitors.

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India- North Sentinel Island

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North Sentinel Island in the Andamans, one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Home to the Sentinelese tribe people on this island. They have no contact with the modern world yet. These people have no idea what is happening around the world outside of their island. If anyone visits their island they become ferrous and they start attacking with their weapon. According to history, the Sentinelese people of the island have lived on the island for about 50,000 years and under the protection of the Indian government. North Sentinel island is just one of the many islands in the Indian ocean not very large about 60 square kilometers or 23 square miles. However, this particular island completely closed to the public neither tourists nor residents nearby.

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Japan- Ise Grand Shrine

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Home to approximately 8000 shrines, Japan is popular for its shrine culture. However, Ise Grand Shrine is one of the most expensive, as well as the most important of all the shrines in Japan. The temple rebuilt after every 20 year to maintain the Shinto traditions dating back to the 8th century. Access is strictly limited, with the common public are not allowed, unless you are a member of the royal family, you will not be allowed to enter the shrine.

Brazil- Snake Island

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Ilha Da Queimada Grande or Snake island in Brazil is considered one of the most forbidden places in the world, not just in Brazil. These islands infested with thousands of deadly snakes. This place is so deadly and dangerous that the Brazilian government bans normal people from visiting here. The island is only home to the 4000 Golden lancehead snakes. Its venom is up to five times more potent than its mainland relative.

The real reason the island closed to the public, to protect the critically endangered snakes from poaching.
As these snakes are so rare that snake smugglers sell them for up to thirty thousand dollars on the black market

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Italy- Poveglia

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Poveglia is located between Venice and Lido in Northern Italy. It is a small island that has seen and heard a lot throughout history. Poveglia Castle, a shipping checkpoint, a separate station for the bubonic plague, and eventually a psychiatric hospital. So this island must have seen a lot of deaths and tragedies. So the psychiatric hospital closed in 1968 and the island abandoned. The island of Poveglia has long been considered one of the most haunted places in the world. Many claim that the island haunted by ghosts of plague victims.

Iceland- Surtsey Island

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The island of Suratsi in Iceland, created by a volcanic eruption just 57 years ago, which means scientists from around the world have had the unique opportunity to observe the birth and evolution of an ecosystem. Surtsey is off-limits because researchers don’t want to interfere with anyone or anything external in the process of evolution. This interesting phenomenon is briefly what limits its access to other regions of the world.

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Italy- Vatican’s Secret Archive

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The Vatican and the Catholic Church already seem mysterious, but did you know that they have a secret archive where they store documents related to the Catholic Church and some of them may be as early as the eighth century. The entire archive so large that it has 53 miles of shelves and no one with special permission for access prohibited from entering.

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