A Hundred Years Old Fair Running Under Sunlight…


The fair is known as “Sonajhurir haat” or “Shonibarer haat” on the banks of khoai river. Sonajhuri is a rural area of Shantiniketan, in Birbhum District of West Bengal, India. In this open air market you can buy handicrafts like lamp shades, sarees, clothes, bed sheets, pillow and cushion covers, bags, ornaments, decorative items, clay dolls, cane furnitures and show pieces and many more. These are made by the tribals and university students. Entire world is selling these products at big prices, but here you can get the things at 1/3 of thar prices. Besides this, you can enjoy the fair with a wonderful ambience of “baul” songs and colorful authentic Bengali tribal dance. And also learn their moves while matching your footsteps with them. This is the place where you can find great handcrafts and the soul of Bengal.

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The great poet Rabindranath Thakur started this fair, so that the tribals can get a place to exhibit their talents and earn.

The Baul Singer


I buy two dolls, two birds, and a tortoise. A 6 years old with her 9 years old elder sister were selling these with the purest smile one can ever see. Here I mentioned by buying list because all these cost me two plates of momos only.

When everyone around you is happy and smiling there is no other option than to give in and become one of them. Doesn’t matter what problems or conflict you are in, your energy will melt into them. Sonajhuri makes the traveler enjoy the lost charm of themselves. Specially when one journey across the winding village roads, untouched beauty, not spoilt forests, tribal villages, Kopai River and Khoai area.

forest fair
Two Sisters

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This is a weekly fair held on every Saturday around 12 O’clock and last till daylight. Because the entire fair runs under the sunlight only, no power supply. So by the time it’s dusk, the sellers have to wind up their stuffs before it’s dark. Please don’t blame the Government and infrastructure for no power supply in the fair. The administrators want to restore the rural rawness by maintaining eco friendly system. I assure you that this fair will give you a fair flavor of old 70’s or 80’s.

Sonajhuri fair is the perfect landscape where you can let loose your imaginations, meet new people and explore unknown territories.This fair provides the platform for Baul (Bengal folk song) singers, the folk dancers and the handicrafters to display their talents and creativity in a crazy landscape by pushing the boundaries of reality.

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