Yes, I know Travel is an amazing thing. Now is the time to stay home and explore the world within your own thoughts. Travel is now is little restricted for all because of the pandemic situation. Yet many travelers are traveling to different places. And I’m sure those who are traveling now, are following all the safety rules to keep them and others safe. Most people like to travel but do not want to travel for this epidemic time. But they are using their travel-hungry minds for travel in various ways while staying in the house. Traveling is vast like an ocean. There are different ways we can gain our knowledge from travel.

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Read All About Travel

Reading books or travel magazines are perfect to learn more about travel from home. Many travelers around the world have their own personal travel blogs, and by reading them you can learn a lot of amazing things about your next travel destination from their travel experience. So through Google and YouTube videos, you can take a tour to your favorite destination or location. When your mind is open then you can go anywhere you like. Connect with relatives and friends and take a download of their travel stories. There are many ways, I have noted very few here. Find your way of travel.

WatchTravel Documentry

Documentaries have the power to educate. The documentary film is an in-depth and informative resource that makes our travels much more knowledgeable. There are many good travel-related documentaries around the world. Which is very helpful to know about world travel. It is easily available on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, or different OTT platforms. I will share some amazing Travel documentary names –

Encounters at the end of the world, Mountain, Woodstock, Tawai A voice from the forest, Children of the snow land.

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WatchTravel Video log

Nowadays travel vlogging is a very trendy thing. The complete travel story of any traveler is recorded in their vlogging. Travel vlog has become a big trend followed by many travelers who go to new places, explore the subtleties of the destination and offer tips and tricks to help fellow travelers.

Discover Hidden Places

Discovering is always knowledgeable things. When we travel somewhere, we like to see the main attractions of that place. Places are hidden because of a lack of awareness (you don’t know they’re there) or access. Every place has some hidden places except the main places or attractions. It could be a new place, a new village, a new restaurant where normal people are rarely gone. Discover such hidden places before heading to the next destination.

Learn First Aid

It’s good to be prepared for an emergency or minor injury. If you suddenly need medical attention But if there is no hospital or doctor available in the area then we have to take care of our own injuries with basic first aid. There are many first aid courses online that we can take in our free time from home.

Have A Workout/ Yoga

Workout and yoga are important not only for traveling but this is very important for our healthy living. So we always need to know some freehand workout or yoga that even if we can travel, we can take our time and do it for our healthy lifestyle.

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Find Your Amazing Travel Music

Without music is a bit of a hassle for me when traveling. The music of your phone or iPad gives you the best company in any long journey. While at home you collect your best amazing travel music which will become your next best travel companion.

Learn A language

Learning a new language is a great idea. When we want to travel somewhere outside our country, the language there is different. So if we can learn the basics of the language of that country in advance, So traveling there becomes a bit easier for us. Google Translator can help us learn the language in this case.

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Find Your Best Travel Gear

We can’t say travel gear is just packing clothes and luggage. Different travel gears are needed in different places. Travel gear like shoes, accessories, anything and everything that might be necessary for traveling and staying at a place. For example, travel insurance, electronics gear, photography gear, hygiene essentials, explorations, safety essentials, etc which help make a trip perfect.

Writing Your Travelogue

Write your own travel experience as an article or blog. Writing a travelogue is to take the reader to a new place. When done well, it can even inspire others to explore, experience new things, and gain an appreciation for different cultures. So start your amazing travel experience through your writing.

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