The Pattern!!! The Similar Kind!

“Baba, I find Jacky Chan“. ” See how smart, only 8 years old. He recognizes the pattern”– said the proud mother.

“Pattern!!!” this word made me turned to them. It was important to see their faces. That 8 years old’s father proudly said, “An engineer’s son after all. But he is no Jacky but a similar kind son. What will you have, I am ordering mixed momo bucket, we will share.”. The child nodded happily.

“Similar Kind!!!” … I looked at the waiter; handsome, must be in his 17’s or 18’s, in black tee and jeans, slim build, 5.5 feet height, and with a cute smile. I felt concerned for him. He should not listen to all these crap, he must not feel bad. But they listen to these things every day. Being judged for their look are normal to them. They have learned to not give a damn. But that shield is also bearing ruthless and brutal attacks.

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Who Are They?

The son asked again, “who is he?” “They all are Nepalis. These people have increased everywhere.” The engineer father continued. “I think he is from china, like your Jacky Chan. China is near from here. They come to these places to earn.” My eyes follow the waiter, he went near them, took all their orders politely and moved to the kitchen.

His Mrs. show off says, “our driver is also Nepali, he was listening to those songs entire road. This waiter has the same dialect.” Here the patriarchy said again with disgust, “Arre; you know nothing. The china border is not much far from Sikkim; just walking distance. I mean for them. China has so much population, these poor people have to come to India for the job”. I scoffed, being an Indian, do we have the right to point at any other country that’s too about population and lack of jobs.

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Find Me A God

The 8 years old smart asked, “baba do they celebrate Durga Puja”. I wonder, how the intellectual breed feeds their child toxin. The mother’s dangerous reply came, “Their’s GOD is different. They worship Lord Buddha, not Durga Ma”.

By the time the smiley hunk came with the Bengali family’s food and to surprise them all, he asked “sir aar kichu lagbe? (Sir do you need anything else). The family looked at him in awe. As he left, the father said, “see he has learnt our language so well. India is great. We accept everyone and make them one of us. Eat now.”

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I ate my food. The waiter came to me. “Sir, do you need anything else?” he asked. “Some good knowledge, common sense, with love and respect with no pretension and unnecessary superiority. I would like to give you a treat with the dish for your kindness, patience and affection towards dumbs.” I replied. Everyone looked at me. The father was shocked then a rage overpowered his gaze. But he was diction less, so he was burning me down with his eyes. looked at the smiley face. His eyes were on me too, but with respect and awe. The family in 10 minutes paid their bill and left from there abusing me indirectly.

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World Truth

Later I asked him, “Bhai, why do not you say anything to them?”. He said something which made me write today for him. He said, “sir many talk like this. How does it matter? All matter is my thought process, which tells me God is everywhere, in Durga, in Buddha, in them, in you and in me too.”

We all talk about unity in diversity. But we don’t respect the change. We all know the truth but always live in denial. Such hypocrisy. We all raise a voice about black lives matter, but we name the northeastern people momo, chowmein, chinki, Chakmas, Nepalis, Chinese and now coronavirus. We raise our voice against racism but on the other side recognise people by their looks and clothes. The real darkness is in our heart. That is world truth. We forget that we all belong to the same nation. But A simple waiter has more sense than an engineer. He has found his God. And I pray we too find HIM soon.

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