Monsoon In My Eyes

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Monsoon is always helped my mind to calm. Many people say rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book. They are right. But my monsoon theory is a little different. I like to get wet in the shower, travel around, and be at my favorite places. Because in monsoon where ever you go, be it a hill station, beach or some little village you always find the clean and green view everywhere. Like everything is washed properly, and get their old shine back. The soil releases its fragrance, ready to fertile.

The dark sky gives you the shadow expected only from the father or a protector. Trust me, on a rainy morning when I see a wet path, trees dropping droplets, wet birds shrugging their little body and flying away in search of food, I feel the roads ahead and the destination is waiting for me.

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Lonavala In Monsoon:

Two years ago during monsoon, I stayed for 4 months in Lonavala. In my free time, I used to roam around. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. Monsoon in Lonavala should be on those people’s bucket list who love to get drenched in the rains. And then lie back on the wet muddy grounds and feel the freshness of the wet soil without having a care in the world. This lovely hill town wears a cloak of magic. The city gets covered with mist throughout the monsoon. In my 4 months, I had covered about 7 to 8 places in Lonavala and the list as below….

Pawna Dam:

Surrounded by forests of Lohagad, Visapur, and Tikona, the picturesque Pawna dam and lake is a must-visit when the town is drenched in rain. Monsoon truly enhances the beauty and the freshness of this beautiful place. A day with no plans except for strolls, hiking and boating is the perfect way to rejuvenate. I visited the dam on a weekday so the place was practically empty. The sight is enough you to live in the moments of peace.

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Lion’s Point:

Lion’s point is a mesmeric sunset point. One fine morning at 5 am me and my group planned to go Lion’s point to see the sunrise. We booked an auto and went there immediately. On our arrival, before the sunrise, we saw a whole lot of people. They were waiting for sunrise too with hot teas in their hand. That moment reminded me that it is also famous for night trekking as well. Be it empty or crowded but nothing can beat the sight here. So, the list of places that you must visit while the rains beat upon the tin sheds in Lonavala must include Lion’s Point. This is the place for adventure seekers, nature lovers, mountaineers and photographers and obviously for couples.

Tiger’s Leap:

Resembling a tiger jumping off a cliff, this is a popular tourist spot in Lonavala. This cliff got its name due to the resemblance of its shape with a tiger leaping off a valley. The plush green, eye-soothing views of the valley, misty mornings, and cool breeze make Tiger’s Leap make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lonavala in the rainy season.

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Tungarli Lake:

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This lake is truly the best place to visit for peace seekers in Lonavala during monsoon. The lake attracts hordes of nature lovers and backpackers who find this as the perfect place to camp after a beautiful trek. Sit on the bridge with an umbrella and let your feet dangle, as you cherish the verdant backdrop, sparkling water, and the cold raindrops. When the lake is filled with water, it looks romantic.

One busy and hectic day when at last I was free from work in the evening, I went there cycling and spend 2 hours alone. Post that I forgot all my professional problems and felt refreshed like never before.

Bhushi Dam:

Imagine sitting with your partner on the steps or doing a rain dance holding each other very close. If you haven’t felt love before, this experience will draw you closer. The Bhushi Dam is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala amidst the lashing rains. This is a scenic spot and its vivacious water running down the dam makes it look stunning during monsoon.

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Tikona fort:

Tikona fort is nothing less than a treat the eyes of the spectators, especially the explorers and wanderers. Its large doorways, high fortifications, water tanks, and the magnificent view of the surroundings makes this fort one of the best place to visit near Lonavala in the rainy season. If you want to enjoy hiking in rains without much effort, then nothing can beat Tikona Fort hike.

Visapur fort:

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Trek to Visapur fort is the best monsoon Trek. You will get small, big falls on the way to Visapur. And the view from the top of the fort is just mindblowing. It is like heaven on earth. You can soak in the amazing beauty of this region with the scenic views.

We were 6 friends going to the trek. And we lost the way. In the middle of our way we felt thirst and around us we could only saw green trees. But thankfully, after a great effort, we found a small village with 4 huts only. A very old Marathi lady gave us water and some sweets to eat. People are an amazing creature.

Visapur ancient fort has stood the test of time alongside Lohagad that is situated on the same plateau as this fort. One of the best scenic Lonavala points, it also provides great views of the huge carving of Hanuman and multiple temples dedicated to him all around this place. But don’t plan in the dark.

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“Let the Rain wash away,all the pain of yesterday” Happy Monsoon.

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