My Relationship With Travelling & Sleep

Sleep is a very little but wonderful word. Without good sleep, we cannot think well. I have heard from many people that they have insomnia and use sleeping pills to sleep. I don’t have insomnia, but sometimes I don’t sleep at night for various reasons or excitement. When I can’t sleep at night, my hand goes to the book still on the bed first. I haven’t found such a good sleeping pill to date. Honesty, I have a long habit of sleeping with a book. I love traveling. And my relationship with travel starts with my sleep.

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Connection With My Traveling & Sleep

It is a funny incident in my life. I was 14. A travel journal from the newspaper brought sleep to my eyes that night. Once I went to a marriage house, and after talking for a long time, everyone fell asleep slowly. But I couldn’t sleep at all. I was in great trouble as there was no book. I did not understand what to do! Suddenly, the food covers started flying around. ( In India, there is a trend of covering food containers with newspapers during wedding ceremonies or events). I collected and cleaned several paper pieces from there and kept them beside the bed with great joy. I started reading those writings with great happiness, and after a short while, I fell asleep. And that was the first travel journal I ever read.

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Collecting Newspaper Cutting

It is still my favorite thing to save the newspaper’s cutting special travel-related journals. We still have many old papers cut in our house. My mother often has to scold me for the paper load of the house. I didn’t know then what to do with those papers, but I liked to keep them. But one important thing, those papercutting journals are helpful in my travel life now. And they are still my companion for many nights. These are my sleeping pills. They paint new exciting places for me. They make me calm and happy as a bedtime story does. It gives me a dream about new places. You can try them. It has no side effects.

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My Good Sleep Always Helps My Traveling

Good sleep is essential for a kick-start day. When you dream about the places you read about, you keep thinking about those. Your desire becomes strong to visit those places. The desire lead you to plan. Planning keeps your brain occupied. The occupied brain becomes tired and goes off to bed. One day the plan reaches execution. And there you go to your dream place. So see, that’s what I was telling you. Sleep has an intense relation with travel.

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Reading Is My Sleeping Pills

Many people take sleeping pills, but once they get the taste of a reading habit, it is difficult to leave it. Sleep is a sweet thing. If you hug her with love, she will love you back. It gives you many dreams which you would love to fulfill. Like I got mine, traveling.

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