Rwandan People Go To Bar But Not For Alcohol

When people all over the world go to bars when they have little time, for their favorite booze or alcohol. But the Rwandan People of Africa do the same thing, they also go to the bar daily to drink milk. Rwanda is famous for its milk bar culture and tradition all around the country. Every bar in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, becomes crowded in the morning. Lots of motorcycles and cycles are parked in front of every bar. And inside the bar, people have a glass of milk of their choice. And it’s the daily morning ritual and tradition of those people. Whenever a customer enters the bar, the milk bar owner smiles and said Mwaramutse – good morning in Kinyarwanda (The Offical language in Rwanda).

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Milk Bar Helps Socialize People

Milk bar
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From children to young to old, all kinds of people come to these milk bars.

Some are eating beans with bread here, some are sitting with doughnuts or cakes. The interesting thing is that everyone is drinking the same thing here and that milk. Almost the same scene in all the milk bars throughout the city in Rwanda.

These milk bars constantly help to socialize different people and different communities. They like to meet for breakfast or lunch, to socialize with people from different backgrounds. They all enjoy having a good time and cheering together but the most common thing is the glass of milk in everyone’s hands.

Kuruhimbi Milk Businesses

Milk bar
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Kuruhimbi is one of the most famous milk bar franchises in Kigali. This bar doesn’t serve a drop of liquor or alcohol Instead, milk is on tap. With the popularity of the Kuruhimbi milk bar, many similar milk bars are made all over the country. At the same time, there is a growing demand for milk businesses and milk products across Rwanda.

The menu is simple. Poured from a vast metal drum in the corner of the shop, frothy cups of milk are served hot or cold, with snacks such as cake, bread, and boiled eggs. Ikivuguto, the thick fermented milk, is one of Kuruhimbi’s specialties.

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The Tradition Of Rwandan Wish

Rwandan Cows
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In Rwanda, you will say if you want to wish someone well you say ‘Gira Nika’ means may you have a cow or “amashyo” (have thousands of cows), and you’ll hear the response, “amashongore” (have thousands of female cows). When you want to express profound gratitude, you say, “nguhaye inka” which means I give you a cow.

The milk bar is unique to Rwanda. Cows are intrinsic to Rwandan culture and heritage. About 70 percent of the population in this country is engaged in the agriculture sector.

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