One of the great things about travel is that it gives you the eye and time to find out good stories and good kind people all over. Do you remember the Vicks advertisement – Mother, daughter, hostel? No problem, if you don’t, I will help you to remember the heart-touching story. And this love story proves that love has saved humankind.

Today I am sharing with you Gauri’s story. Gauri Sawant adopted a little girl named Gayatri in 2008 when she was just 5 years old after Gayatri’s mother died of AIDS. She is a good human being and a courageous mother who also works as a social activist. Gauri Sawant born Ganesh Sawant adopted her daughter even though it is illegal for transgender people to adopt children. Yes, You read it right, she is transgender. She is beyond your rules, my rules, society’s rules, except love.

Gauri says “Motherhood is beyond gender. Motherhood is a behavior”

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The Story Of The Motherhood

Gauri Sawant is a transgender activist from Mumbai. She is the director of Sakshi Char Chowghi which helps transgender and HIV/AIDS patients. She has started an old age home for transgender people called Nani ka Ghar, meaning Grandmother’s Home, where old transgender people will take care of sex workers’ children.

Sawant, left her family at an early age to come to Bombay. While working at an NGO, Gauri came across her daughter, Gayatri. Gayatri had been orphaned in 2001 when her mother died.

The child’s grandmother was going to sell her into slavery when Gauri met her. She decided to adopt her, and since then the two have shared a very close mother-daughter bond. Gauri is the first transgender woman to have made her way into motherhood. According to her, “There’s no gender in being a mother”. Gayatri is now studying to be a doctor and lives in a hostel. Gauri’s inspiring story came to the forefront when Vicks portrayed her journey with Gayatri in an ad that has since its release been watched 1 crore times. She was featured in that Ad by Vicks too.

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With Gauri Sawant

Breaking Orthodox Tradition

Gauri breaks orthodox traditions and stereotypes prevented in her country. She is full of life, confident, and above all very loving human being. Her house is full of colleagues who adore her, and whom she has made feel safe. It is not easy to be a Gauri Sawant. I mean, having such a broad mind, modern thoughts, and a simplistic approach to life is tough. We can only talk about it and claim to have all these. But that’s what society needs more, that’s what Gayatris need more. She challenged the norm that parenting is only for married couples or male/ female genders. May she inspire her story and make more humans like her.

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About Me

A recent study has found that frequent humankind is happier in their lives than people who don’t travel at all.

Travelers are 7% happier and the poem for happy traveling.

“The day I am killed,

My killer riffling through my pockets,

Will find traveling tickets:

One to peace,

One to the fields and the rain,

And one to the conscience of humankind.

Dear killer of mine, I beg you:

Do not stay and waste them.

Take them, use them.

I beg you to travel”

In this poem, the poet beautifully compares traveling to that gaining conscience. This poem speaks my truth, it bares my authentic self to my readers. A recent study found out that the feeling of Wanderlust has increased during covid-19, and that people are happier when traveling or when thinking about it. Traveling smartly and effectively should be a tool that needs to be introduced to all humans. Traveling should not limit itself to a status quo but the benefits of traveling and garnering new experiences should be widely discussed. It can curb your therapy cost and add perspectives that can never be received in confined spaces.

This article should trigger the bug of wanderlust within you and give you a better incentive to travel. Because humankind is happier in their lives than people who don’t travel at all.

The New Travel Study

Amazing Things To Do In-Home

Chun-Chu is an assistant professor at Washington State University’s School of Hospitality Business Management. He conducted a study to learn why some people travel more often than others and whether travel experiences have a long-term impact on satisfaction and well-being. Individuals who pay more attention to tourism-related details and regularly discuss their traveling plans with friends are more likely to take daily vacations than those who are not planning their next holiday, according to the findings of his study. Participants in the survey who said they travel at least 75 miles away from home daily were also about 7% happier than those who said they travel very rarely or not at all.

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The Survey

The study asked participants about the importance of travel in their lives, how much time they spent researching and preparing for future vacations, and how many trips they took in a year. They were also polled on how satisfied they were with their lives. A little more than half of the 500 survey respondents said they take more than four pleasure trips per year. Only 7 percent of respondents did not take any vacations.

Experience New Things

get healthy stay healthy

“While things like work, family life, and friends play a bigger role in overall reports of well-being. Chen said. Travelling can be considered as reading but with a more physical format attached to it. If we go beyond the status quo of being a traveler, we will find that meeting new people and experiencing new cultures will not only broaden your mind but also cure you of age-old xenophobic tendencies. To all those people who complain that they have not met many people of quality, have not traveled. Travelling pushes you out of the comfortable crowds to spaces and perspectives which challenge your conditioning and help you grow as a person. Deciding to travel was a life-altering experience for me. It helped me better my understanding of the world, made my relationships better, and gave me a kind of happiness that no materialistic thing could.

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Start Planning Your Next Vacation

As travel restrictions due to Covid-19 begin to relax in the future. This is a signal for humankind to start packing their bags again. Do not wait for the hills to call you or for the sea to tempt you, get up and start making plans immediately. Keep in my mind all safety protocols and jump on the bandwagon of traveling. Those who are new to this, take your first step. Always know that traveling is an addiction that can free you from a mental burden. Do not wait for the right time anymore. Put on your shoes, pack your bags, play your travel playlist and take on over the world.

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