Unique Story- Of 7 Indian Villages

Many places around the world are famous over the globe for their unique story, culture, and tradition. India is a land of stories, so the variety of colorful cultures and traditions also surprise people all over the world. And all these stories and traditions are found mainly in Indian villages. The moral of the story is, that the village is the soul of India. The economic system of India depends maximum on the villages. Each village has different storytelling, which makes that village, unique in India. 

The villages in India that I am referring to here have retained their unique traditions over the years.

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1: Mattur, Karnataka (The Sanskrit Village)

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The Mattur is famous in India as Sanskrit Village.  Karnataka’s, Mattur is a quaint village located 300 km from Bangalore. It’s a rare village in India because Sanskrit spoke a regional language considered Sanskrit as Dev Bhasha (The language of the gods in ancient India). And it is said that many regional languages ​​are born from this Sanskrit language. At this modern time, Sanskrit is becoming a dead language in India. But about 5000 inhabitants of this Mattur village still speak Sanskrit for generations. The village inhabited by people from the Brahmin community for the past 600 years. The villagers know Kannada and Tamil, but they prefer the ancient Sanskrit language in their lives. Keeping a very old language alive is truly a unique story.

2: Shetphal, Maharashtra ( The Village Of Snakes)

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The people of this village worship snakes. Shetphal is a remort village in Maharashtra located 200 km from Pune, in the Sholapur district. A unique tradition in this village is where the snakes, mainly Cobra, roam around freely. These poisonous snakes can see in every household in this village. There is a separate place for this snake in every villager’s house. The inhabitants of this village believe a strong story, that worshipping these snakes makes them happy and prosperous in life. So no one from the children to the elders of this village is afraid of these poisonous snakes. They respect this cobra snake. The short story is snakes have also merged with these people. And this snake never bites any resident of this village.

3: Barwaan Kala, Bihar ( The Village Of Bachelors)

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The Village of Bachelor earned the title for this Barwaan Kala village in Bihar. The sad story is, that no one has been married in this village for the last 50 years. The reason is mainly the lack of infrastructure and amenities that no father wants to marry his daughter to anyone in this village. In 2017, the first marriage took place in this village after a decade. That became possible only when the groom, with the help of the villagers, built about a 6 km stretch of road, cutting through the hills and forest. But at this moment, the situation in this village has changed a lot. Indian Village is gradually becoming modern and along with it the perception of people is also changing. So people are now coming out of the old tradition and thinking in a new way.

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4: Shani Shingnagpur, Maharastthra ( TheStory Of Doorless Village)

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The unique heritage of this village in Maharashtra creates a powerful story of this village.

Shani Nagpur is a small village in Maharashtra. People in this village live the same life as other villages in Maharashtra. But the unique story is that there is no door in the house of the residents of this village. Shani Shingnagpur is famous in India as a Doorless Village. Here villagers avoid their security because of their undying faith in Lord Shani, the god of Saturn, this God is considered the Guardian of the village. Needless to say that villagers are never feeling unsafe. Anyone can walk into your home or shop in this village, as there are no doors and no locks. Moral of the story no one will steal. If someone does, they will suffer from Sade-Sati, a period of seven years of bad luck as they believed.

5: Jambur, Gujarat ( The African Village In India)

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Jambur is a tiny village near Gir, in the heart of Gujarat. It is 24 km south of Sasan Gir. This village is famous as an African village in India. The short story is, that the people who live here are of African descent, but they speak Gujarati and Hindi languages regularly. The locals also call this village Siddhi village. These People are known as Habshis too. They are the direct descendants of the Bantu tribe of the African Great Lake region. According to history, most of the Siddhi People were brought as slaves by the Portuguese from Southeast Africa to give the Nawab of Junagadh as Present. Now they maintain a free unique balance of Indian culture and African tradition in their simple life.

6: Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra (The Village Of Millionaires)

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Hiware Bazar, a village of Maharastra, creates a unique story. This village is registered as one of the rich villages in India. There are no poor farmers in this Maharashtrian village. Out of 235 families, 60 families are millionaires. The credit for the success of this wealth goes to the Popatrao Baguji Power (village head), who has forever changed the socio-economic structure of the village. The moral of the story people of Hiware Bazar village believe in hard work. This is also a motivational story.

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7: Mawlynnong, Meghalaya ( The Story Of Cleanest Village In Asia)

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Mawlynnong, 78 km from Shillong, is the cleanest village in Asia. Cleanliness is the lifestyle of this village. Mawlynnang is called God’s Garden. In 2003, Discover India named it The cleanest village in Asia. Also, this village shows a highly progressive scenario for women, ranging from a 100 percent literacy rate. They never use plastic bags and stay away from smoking. This is the real story of an Indian village.

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